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Willie Cavender's 21st birthday
Made Feb 7, 1920 in front of the Cavender home near Dukedom. (front row left-right) Photographer's daughter (unknown), Lessie Wilson, Grace Wilson, Relma McClure, Inez Hedge, Virginia Rose, Lela Williams, Thelma Wilson, Anna Rea Midyett, Jewell Rose. (2nd row) Nan Cavender, Oma Williams, Dell Cavender, Croft Rose, Betty Cox, Carlene Moody, Jane Cole, Eugene Moody, Ader Hudson, Vivian Rose. (back row standing) Jeff Dickson, Johnny Cavender, Minnie Williams, Beulah Cannon, Jesse Cavender, Willie Cavender, Julie Cavender, Minnie Rose, Amos Williams, Kathryn Williams, James Williams, Ethel Moody, Herbert Hudson, Hattie Phelps, Ora Hudson, Myrtie Hedge, Jim Hudson.